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Trouble with the DEF CON media server

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  • Trouble with the DEF CON media server

    Hi All, is it just me or most of links at are not working? Even after ignoring the NET::ERR_CERT_REVOKED error, I still get 404's. Thanks!

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    Two things giacecco
    1. Yikes! Cert Revoked? You must have the older cert cached someplace, we had to install a new one last week before it expired. Shows us as OK.
    2. YES, you are right, that page is in the queue to be updated. After weeks of work all the torrents were regenerated to reflect the new and reorganized directory structure on
    Until the page is update please check out the directory for all the latest as well as in each directory.

    If there is something missing please let me know.
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      It was bugging me so I went back and looked around and found some incorrect HPKP pins and the wrong certificate in an .onion site for defcongroups and fixed all I could find. Please let me know if it persists.
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        Thanks for that message giacecco it led me to finding some related issues, like the background image not loading on mobile devices that got fixed.

        Currently I'm trying to get videos to play or download from iOS browser, there is no "save to files" option and clicking on the video ends up in a circling beach ball of doom.

        If I copy the link and paste it into iOS VLC app it streams fine, but that requires another app.
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