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  • DEF CON China FAQ

    [From] DEF CON China FAQ 1.0

    Last updated 8 May 2019

    Q: When is DEF CON China?

    A: 31 May to 2 June 2019

    Q: Where is the venue?

    A: DEF CON China 1.0 is being held at: 751D. PARK Beijing Fashion Design Square B2
    798 Art District, Beijing, No. 4 Jiuxianqiao Road
    Chaoyang District, Beijing

    the venue address is not well found on maps, please print or screen shot the venue location here:
    Venue on Baidu Maps

    PLEASE NOTE: The permit for an event with as many people as we expect in China requires security checkpoints for attendees. This is a metal detector, like last year, and a bag check.

    Q: How much are tickets?

    A: Badges to enter cost USD $109 Early and USD $170 after 30 April 2019

    Q: How do you register for tickets in advance if you are not Chinese?

    A: You can purchase on-line or buy on site.
    The payment for foreigners will be processed by PayPal.

    Q: Can I get a discount?

    A: Discounts / early registration ends April 30th. DEF CON China is supported by the community and because of its unique nature and independence we have to charge to not be totally dependent on sponsors.

    Q: Do press reporters get in for free?

    A: Yes press in China get in for free. If you are western press and get a visa for reporters and show up we will celebrate by getting you a badge.

    Q: I need an invitation letter for my visa application, how do I get that?

    A: As an attendee you generally get the letter from the hotel you have reserved a room with. Otherwise they would never get any tourists!

    Q: I don't have a visa yet, it's short notice, are there any Hacks?

    A: Yes! You can potentially decide a couple days before the con and still make it. Make sure you have a hotel reservation in advance because that information will be needed.

    China has recently introduced a 144 hour / 6 day visa for 53 countries. It is valid for business, tourism, etc. There are some restrictions to it, and it requires that you transit certain countries in or out.

    "An applicant for 144-hour visa-exemption transit needs to possess a valid passport or other valid international travel documents and an onward air / vessel / train ticket to a third country (region) with confirmed date and seat within 144 hours upon arrival, fill out an arrival card for temporary entry foreigners, and be interviewed by the immigration inspection authority."

    Please read the official rules:

    Q: How much do hotel rooms cost, and how do I reserve a room?

    A: There are several hotels in the area within walking distance, and a couple farther away requiring a taxi or DiDi, the equivalent of Uber.

    Costs range from USD $50 to over $200 depending on hotel. Hotel reservations through on-line booking or your favorite travel site.

    Here is a link to our hotels page, but there are more if you search on-line in the are. These are just the one we have visited and checked out.

    Q: Will there be Transportation from the hotels to the venue?

    A: NUO Hotel Beijing has limited scheduled transportation to the event space and back. Please be aware that DEF CON Goons, speakers, villages, workshops organizers get priority.

    Q: What talks are happening?

    A: All accepted talks are listed here:

    Q: Will there be live translations of the presentations to English and Chinese?

    A: Yes, the speaking track will all be simultaneously translated, as will some other events.

    Q: I'm a speaker, are there any tips on public speaking etiquette specific to Chinese audiences?

    A: A big one is slides with less text are better than slides with a lot of text. It is easier to read, and easier for the translators to comprehend. Because of the simultaneous translation it is important to speak a bit slower and clearly. speak in shorter sentences organized by a thought instead of four thoughts in one statement. Sometimes you can get excited and speed up, but fight that urge. Many idioms or sayings will confuse and slow down translation. Cultural references to The Simpsons memes may not work. The audience is very technical and can read code, and mostly English but it takes time.

    Q: What Contests will be happening if I want to play or compete?

    A: A list of the official contests is here: Conversation about the contests are here:

    Q: When does the DEF CON China 1.0 open and close?

    A: The conference event space opens at 08:30

    Speaking times are:
    Friday 10:00 to 17:00
    Saturday 10:00 to 17:00
    Sunday 10:00 to 16:00

    Q: Will there be SWAG (Stuff We All Get)?

    A: Yes, all attendees will get a printed program, badge, lanyard, and some surprise goodies.

    Q: Will there be stuff for sale?

    A: There will be a limited number of DEF CON shirts, stickers, and electronic kits for sale.

    Q: What happens in the evenings? Will there be parties?

    A: Yes, there will be live music and drink Saturday night

    Q: Will there be alcohol? Will there be food? Is food provided or separate cost?

    A: Food is not provided, but is available for purchase. There are plenty of food options from Cafes to sit down dining in the neighborhood.

    Q: What is network connectivity like in China?

    A: It's a bit complicated: If you travel to China and use a foreign SIM in your phone you should not notice any difference. For example Dark Tangent just came back from Beijing in May and was using his US SIM card and phone and all the social media sites worked, his VPN worked, it was "normal"

    If you are using hotel WiFi or our conference WiFi it will be considered domestic and will get filtered. This generally means all UDP 500 packets get dropped, so no IPSEC VPN connectivity. No YouTube, Twitter, Face Book, etc. If you run your own TLS VPN it may or may not be blocked, we have had mixed results.

    Check if your favorite site is being blocked:

    Q: What should I bring with me to DEF CON China?

    A: Normal con stuff. A backpack, a filtering water bottle, notepad, business cards, stuff to hack on or show off, really comfortable shoes for walking, cash because your credit cards may or may not work, a travel umbrella, medications, something to take pictures of the awesomeness, a sense of adventure, ear plugs to help you sleep on the airplane.

    Q: How do I pay for things?

    A: China uses mobile pay for almost everything. The problem is as a foreigner without a local phone number for identity and a bank account you can't use this form of payment. That leaves cash and credit cards. We have had good luck with both, but be warned there are some stores that are self service mobile pay only and there may not be a human there to take cash.

    The venue is in the middle of an art district with all kinds of boutiques, restaurants and cafes, so there will be some stuff to spend money on. The NUO hotel area has many restaurants in the area.

    Q: So, how does cash work?

    A: The largest note is the 100 yuan note, currently worth about $14. DT took a "premium limo" DiDi ride to the PEK airport from the NUO hotel was about ¥80. A Starbucks cafe latte is around ¥35.

    You can change money at the airport, use a compatible "Plus" ATM machine, or at specific bank branches (with a sign that says International Currency Exchange Available). You can also change at the hotel front desk, but the exchange rate is sub-optimal.

    We recommend changing money at the airport as a solid starting point.

    Q: What should I NOT bring with me to China?

    A: Things you would be upset if lost or stolen. Illegal drugs. Hidden spy cameras.

    Q: Google translate generally sucks at English <-> Chinese. What is better?

    A: The Baidu translate site we find to be more accurate:

    Q: How about maps?

    A: Apple maps are good, but the most accurate are Baidu Maps.

    Q: Ride Hailing? You mentioned Uber and DiDi.

    A: If you want to ride hail please download and install the DiDi app and set up your account before your travel to China.

    Q: This FAQ didn't answer my questions, or was unclear, how can I get further information?

    A: Feel free to ask @defcon on twitter or post a question on the forums:
    Last edited by The Dark Tangent; May 28, 2019, 04:55. Reason: Adjusted the opening time from 08:00 to 08:30
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    Here is a map with estimated prices for hotels near by the venue:

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      Here is the Code of Conduct in Chinese:

      DEF CON为参与者提供了一个公开讨论的论坛,在这里,变革性的观点是受欢迎的,并且期望参与者敢于提出质疑。 然而,侮辱或骚扰其他参与者是不可接受的。我们想让DEF CON成为一个安全、高效的环境。

      这不是关于你的外表,你的思想和你如何在DEF CON上展示你自己才是最重要的。不论任何原因,我们不能容忍对任何参与者的骚扰。骚扰包括蓄意恐吓和以一 种使他们感到不舒服、不受欢迎或害怕的方式攻击个人。

      参与者被要求停止任何骚扰行为,应立即服从。我们保留以我们认为适当的方式对骚扰作出回应的权利,包括但不 限于驱逐而不退款和转介有关当局。

      这一行为准则适用于参加DEF CON大会的所有人——从参会者和参展商到演讲者、媒体、志愿者和安保人员。

      任何人都可以举报骚扰。假如你遭到骚扰,注意到其他人被骚扰,或有其他问题,可以去登记台或者信息亭联系安 保人员。

      会议工作人员将乐于帮助与会者联系酒店安全、当地执法部门,或帮助那些遭受骚扰的人在DEF CON期间感到安全。

      请谨记: 此次大会为诸位而举办,作为一个共同体,我们可以为每个人创造一次非凡的经历。

      -Jeff Moss (又名The Dark Tangent)
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