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DC217 Meetings every 3rd Saturday at the Urbana Free Library at 3pm

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  • DC217 Meetings every 3rd Saturday at the Urbana Free Library at 3pm

    I am the DC217 POC. I would like to pass on information about our recurring meeting in the 217. We have been meeting every 3rd Saturday at the Urbana Free Library. The meeting takes place in the basement conference room area. We generally try to have a talk and then have break out meetings for projects. This time of year we are usually busy planning the Ethics Village as DC217 are the organizers of the Ethics Village. Come on by and say hello.


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    Wish I could, I've never been to Def Con. I'm a Big Fan and am stuck here in Green Bay Wisconsin. We do have one Def Con Presenter that attends our 920Sec Meetings in the Valley Area here in Green Bay Wisconsin but other than that don't hear much about current Def Con Projects.


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      It doesn't seem like there is a local Defcon group in Green Bay. Maybe you should think about starting a local chapter for Green Bay. About 2 years ago DC217 started having meetings monthly again and found that we attracted many people that had never been to defcon yet. This resulted in DC217 organizing the Ethics Village last year and having a half dozen DC217 first time attendees. If you make it out to Defcon this year come say hello to us at the Ethics Village.

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    If i can get enough website work I'd be able to afford it. The 920Sec is mostly Computer Instructors for Fox Valley Tech school and Independant IT guys from a lot of the local Banks plus a couple of Head Hunters from Groups like Check Point Software Technologies. Cisco shows up from time to time. But mostly the Security guys (1 red team ) from IT Businesses. A few small Web Design/SEO guys like myself. I'll have to ask Nate who the Def Con Guy was and see if he wants to help start one. I'm not really as "qualified" as some of these guys are. I'm an Old Guy who knows what an Autoexec.bat file was.. 8-)