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DEF CON Ham Radio Fox Hunting Contest at DEF CON 27

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  • DEF CON Ham Radio Fox Hunting Contest at DEF CON 27

    DEF CON Ham Radio Fox Hunt

    In the world of amateur/ham radio, groups of hams will often put together a transmitter hunt (also called "fox hunting") in order to hone their radio direction finding skills to locate one or more hidden radio transmitters broadcasting. The DEF CON Fox Hunt will require participants to locate a number of hidden radio transmitters broadcasting at very low power which are hidden throughout the conference. Each transmitter will transmit on a different frequency, requiring them to "hunt" for transmissions.

    Each transmitter when located will have a small message encoded next to the transmitter, which will decode to a unique web address which will contain a flag. Finding the flag will verify they have found the transmitter.

    Each day the transmitters will be moved to new locations and a new flag will need to be found.

    Scores will be kept for each day, with a daily winner, and an all-round winner. Participants will receive a ham radio themed participation ribbon, and daily winners and all-round winners (1st - 3rd place) will get this year's engraved silly trophy. A map with rough search areas will be given to participants to guide them on their hunt. Additional hints and tips will be provided throughout DEF CON to help people who find themselves stuck.

    Here is what it all looked like at DEF CON 26:
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    The "official" site for the hunt this year will be at:

    (wait for it)

    (I bet you can't guess)

    It will be live soon and will change on each day with new instructions for that day's foxes.