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OSINT CTF for Missing Persons at DEF CON 27

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  • OSINT CTF for Missing Persons at DEF CON 27

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    Open Saturday August 10 from 10:00 to 18:00

    An open source intelligence (OSINT) capture the flag (CTF) contest.

    Unlike all other CTFs currently being offered, this is a non theoretical CTF that focuses on helping law enforcement find real missing persons. We utilize the familiar CTFd interface to allow a familiarity for contestants. Contestants compete to perform OSINT on these real missing persons.

    They submit these flags with a source URL to ensure judges can validate the intel. The difficultly of the flags are categorized by difficulty. For example, a location flags gets the contestant 5000 points whereas identifying the subjects friend gets only 10 points.

    Categories include (in order of difficulty):
    • Friends
    • Family
    • Occupation
    • Basic Subject Information
    • Advanced Subject Information
    • Dark Web
    • Location
    The missing persons issue is getting worse and requires modern and salable solutions at various levels to help mitigate risk to society. Trace Labs is an online, open source intelligence platform that scales on demand through crowd sourcing while providing full transparency of verified public information. This allows all missing persons to receive the attention that is needed early in the search process and for family and concerned friends to see progress. It also allows the police authorities to have access to a centralized and current database of verified information on lost persons.

    Trace Labs is partnered with industry experts such as Michael Bazzell and Hunchly who have been kind enough to offer prizes for the winning team. Trace Labs is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to accelerate the family reunification of missing persons while training members in the trade craft of open source intelligence (OSINT).
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    We are currently working with Defcon to correct the date/time listed for this event. The correct date for the event is Saturday, August 10th from 10am to 6pm Pacific. Full details here: