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    We've ditched the music and left the Ham Radio to a quiet space out of the heat. Show up, get fed, and marvel at culinary delights while you meet your new best friends. Here are the Events and Contests, confirmed and unconfirmed, that we have planned for Toxic BBQ at DEF CON 27:

    - Textured Protein's Promise: We're adding a few vegetarian options and a coolers of non-alcoholic drinks to be as inclusive as possible in this, the far-flung future of 2019. We are asking you to help us source delicious vegan and vegetarian grilling options to widen our selection. Get in touch if you have a favorite/preference and we'll go from there (word is the Impossible Burgers are hitting retail soon, but they're Impossible to find still!)

    - Local Brew Share: bring those beers, libations, and nectars of your home sweet home to share with everyone. Craft Beers love to come to Toxic.

    - Homebrew Competition: Do you have what it takes to compete? Make at least one growler of your finest beer or cider for inspection, and share the rest with your new closest friends. Categories are best Beer and best Other (cider, mead, grog, prison pruno, etc)

    - Peppercon: Capsaicin-fanatics will once again be tempting fate and offering taste bud-searing concoctions for your consumption and everyone else's amusement. And just as your tongue recovered from last year too...

    - More of this, more of that: No promises yet, but the stars are aligning to see Competition Barbecue, Descata, South African specialities, and other tasty treats added by particularly zealous volunteers. Have the means to provide your own specialty? Get in touch.

    Have a contest or food specialty you want to bring to Toxic? Get in touch.
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