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SecKC The World Again at DEF CON 27

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  • SecKC The World Again at DEF CON 27

    Desired day(s) of party:
    Thursday or Friday night

    Start time/end times (please note that we shut down at 02:00, earliest start is 1930, we may require you to start later):
    21:00 to 02:00

    ESTIMATED number of people attending (if you have attendance numbers from previous years please include them):
    We had just over 500 at our party last year. We’re looking to scale down a little. Basically as many people as can fit in a suite without overwhelming the air conditioning. We’ll have security staff limiting capacity.

    Theme of party (please remember to check the DEF CON theme for this year: Technology's Promise):
    Hacker lounge (like in that one movie)

    Describe your party (details, details and more details please):
    Our overall goal is to host the dopest citysec/dc groups lounge ever. It will be open throughout the con and we’ll throw at least one party. So far, we want to have space for hacking, badge pickups, games, and hanging out. And of course, the seckc vibe will be set with lighting, music, booze, and food.

    Getting in and out of our party space in one evening last year was not fun, so we’re hoping to be able to set this up in a suite.
    The Dark Tangent: Use PGP for email Key ID: 0x8B0B476D
    Fingerprint: EA2B 63F9 2219 9171 2AB1 0065 FC59 8B0B 476D