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Workshop Information: Introduction to Cryptographic Attacks

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  • Workshop Information: Introduction to Cryptographic Attacks

    Title: Introduction to Cryptographic Attacks

    Instructor: Matt Cheung

    Abstract: Using cryptography is often a subtle practice and mistakes can result in significant vulnerabilities. This workshop will cover many of these vulnerabilities which have shown up in the real world. This will be a hands-on workshop where you will implement the attacks after each one is explained. I will provide a VM with Python dependencies and skeleton code included so you can focus on implementing the attack. A good way to determine if this workshop is for you is to look at the challenges at and see if those look interesting, but you could use in person help understanding the attacks. While not a strict subset of those challenges, there is significant overlap.

    Level: Intermediate

    Pre-Requisites: Students should be comfortable with modular arithmetic and the properties of XOR. Experience in Python or other similar language will be a plus.

    Required Materials:

    A laptop with VMWare or VirtualBox installed and capable of running a VM.

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    My Capstone case studies

    Hi, I'm a third year student getting a BS in Mathematics at DSU. I'm also planning to apply for the Mathematical Foundations of Cryptography certificate (only for STEM students), but before that I need to practice different types, examples and attack models for Cryptanalysis. Where can I find the pdf of the workshop materials?