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Workshop Information: Rapid IoT Hacking 101

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  • Workshop Information: Rapid IoT Hacking 101

    Title: Rapid IoT Hacking 101

    Instructor: Arun Magesh

    Abstract: With IoT being a buzz word, Companies have started connecting every single physical device to the internet or network and call it as IoT. With these sudden spikes in the IoT market and rapid product development, developers or companies fail to look into the security of these products and opens an easy door with a nice doormat for attackers.

    In this workshop, we will do rapid hacking on most of the hardware protocols and vulnerabilities and exploit devices. The Workshop will start with a basic overview of how IoT devices functions and various attack vectors. Then we move to the most commonly seen hardware vulnerability and exploit devices based on it rapidly without going too much into the theory.

    Level: Beginner

    Pre-Requisites: Good in Linux.
    Basic knowledge of electronics.
    A lot of creativity and craziness

    Required Materials: A laptop with an ethernet adapter
    Tools will be provided by the instructor
    You’re free to bring your hardware tools and devices

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    I'm not seeing an EventBrite event for this workshop. Did this one get cancelled? Thanks!


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      Originally posted by the_dude View Post
      I'm not seeing an EventBrite event for this workshop. Did this one get cancelled? Thanks!
      Google cache of the page shows it was there, and had an eventbrite URL but when you visit the eventbrite URL that previously existed (NO LONGER VALID: ) eventbrite says "Oh no, this page is not available. You can search for other events or create your own!"

      So either it has been cancelled, or there is confusion about if it will happen, or when it will happen.

      I am not part of the workshop team. For an official response, you will have to wait for them to reply.


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        Hi the_dude , yes the workshop was cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances.


        • the_dude
          the_dude commented
          Editing a comment
          Thank you for the update! I appreciate the closure.