Friday from 12:00 – 13:50 in Sunset 2 at Planet Hollywood
Audience: Defense, Forensics, Networks Srinivas Piskala Ganesh Babu

PcapXray is a Network Forensics tool that performs pcap visualization to help/speed up traffic investigation offline. [ in n00b terms, Draws a Network Map and Highlights what needs to be looked for in a packet capture. ]

* Creates visual drawing (map) of a pcap file and highlights/extracts details for faster/robust traffic forensics/analysis
* Reverse Engineer a Pcap [Packet Capture] File ( Wireshark always is the best goto ), PcapXray plays as a sidecar to speed things up with the investigation ( where/what to look at/for? )
* Promote navigation of a packet capture
* Accomplish Simple goal In the best way ( I could not easily find an offline tool to draw/map/highlight a pcap file ) --> [ Just for Security Fun! ]

Capabilities include

* Converting a packet capture into a diagram/graph/visual representation
* Segregating and filtering with respect to traffic type, the current list includes HTTP, HTTPS, Tor, Possible Malicious, ICMP, DNS
* Extracting payload and present traffic on a session/flow basis
* Enriching the traffic data with host scans to generate Reports
* Identifying covert communication and possibility to extract files included in the traffic

Srinivas Piskala Ganesh Babu
Sri is a Security Software Engineer at Oblong Industries spending time on collaborative-conferencing platform security. During other times, he has fun with security, capturing flags & building tools at and