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    Copy-pasted from tweets, thus the weird style :). I would recommend following me on Twitter McGrewSecurity, and getting in touch there with questions!

    The goal for the Ghidra workshop is to spend as much time in the Ghidra interface as possible. The Ghidra UI and the binaries I provide should be all the visual aid we need aside from an outline of topics. We will likely have no slides.

    Parts of the workshop time will be spent giving you time to use what you've learned to explore some malware in a free-form way, as my co-Instructor and I circulate around the room, answering individual questions and problems, and addressing some up front on the projector.

    I recommend taking notes! I'd recommend doing so in a physical notebook, so as much screen real estate as possible can be used to sprawl the customizable Ghidra UI out. Questions are not only encouraged, they're crucial to the direction I take the entire class.

    I'm glad people are excited about the class, and I am looking forward to meeting all of you.