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Mobile App Testing - iOS Version 2.0.3

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  • Mobile App Testing - iOS Version 2.0.3

    A new iOS app is available:

    iOS update from 1.3.x -> 2.0.3 changes:

    • VBI-1432 Modernize mobile app's UI
    • VBI-1511 Build iOS app with at least iOS 12.1 SDK & support all iOS devices.
    • VBI-1514 Port over the privacy feature set
    • VBI-1619 Resource downloading pop up occasionally
    • VBI-1376 Create an iPad friendly UI to make the app a truly UNIVERSAL app.
    • VBI-1516 Port over Push Notification feature
    • VBI-1518 Support RTL translations
    • VBI-1531 Splash screen support for customization
    • VBI-1536 Adjustments to Color customization
    • VBI-1607 Quote doesn't work
    • VBI-1612 Activity wont list out any more item if the first page is empty
    • VBI-1615 Some inline attachments can't be launched in image slide review mode
    • VBI-1616 Blog and Article reload many time when empty comment
    • VBI-1530 Messages: Sent list to use the correct array of recipients
    • VBI-1549 UI/UX - Buttons Accept/Decline require bottom margin/padding
    • VBI-1575 Error Message localization
    • VBI-1608 Hyperlink doesn't get rendered
    • VBI-1609 Internet connection check
    • VBI-1614 Localize string in search item
    • VBI-1620 Increase Title space
    • VBI-1429 Pull to reload the list of in-app notifications
    • VBI-1563 Blogs - Edit button is not displayed on a change of Enable/Disable comments checkbox
    • VBI-1377 App icon doesn't display properly on iPads.
    • VBI-1532 Add support for Google Analystics
    • VBI-1597 Resign embedded frameworks correctly
    • VBI-1334 Search - Search by tag is not working
    • VBI-1452 Crashes on notification checking
    • VBI-1463 App does not clarify to users how/when/why the Camera is used when access to the Camera is required
    • VBI-1473 iphone X compatibility
    • VBI-1508 Stop supporting iOS 8
    • VBI-1513 Sign-in with Facebook broken
    • VBI-1515 Support ads in iOS 2.0
    • VBI-1526 Subscribe star doesn't work
    • VBI-1527 User registration custom fields don't match web app
    • VBI-1534 App crashes after open push notification while the app was killed
    • VBI-1541 Activity screen doesn't work consistently
    • VBI-1543 App crashes when disable comment while creating new Blog & Articles
    • VBI-1544 App crashes - Guest user posting a New Blog
    • VBI-1547 IGNORE button from the list of friend displays an Invalid parameter error.
    • VBI-1548 BAN USER button from the list of friend is not functioning.
    • VBI-1557 Message Post View - Report page is not displaying
    • VBI-1558 Message Post View - Forward is not pre-filling the content of the message.
    • VBI-1559 Message Post View : NO (cancel) option isn't displayed on Delete confirmation
    • VBI-1560 Add Friend option disappeared
    • VBI-1561 Post content doesn't render BBcode correctly
    • VBI-1562 Post content & attached images are out of place
    • VBI-1576 App shows a blank screen loading particular Articles
    • VBI-1585 Inline attachments cut off in Thread's started
    • VBI-1586 Search keyword crashes de app
    • VBI-1591 Articles - Publish status 'draft' and 'scheduled' are publishing now
    • VBI-1592 sub-forums incorrectly load parent channel
    • VBI-1595 Articles - Publish status option on Edit
    • VBI-1598 Articles - Reloading the 'Categories' list preview crashes the app
    • VBI-1605 New Content - Attachment options are not prompted
    • VBI-1610 Inline attachments don't display in Forum's thread
    • VBI-1613 Attached Images don't display in slideshow view
    • VBI-1621 Youtube link doesn't show
    • VBI-1623 Blog content's bad format
    • VBI-1628 Long forum comment got cut off
    • VBI-1485 Post List - Subscribe button changes back after navigating away and back
    • VBI-1498 Blogs & Articles page displays +1 the current page
    • VBI-1525 Thread Prefix doesn't display
    • VBI-1533 Search doesn’t return results from Article content type
    • VBI-1535 Tapping on Avatar anywhere in the app should launch user profile
    • VBI-1537 Calendar List View shouldn't set endperiod
    • VBI-1538 Thread's colored Prefix doesn't show color
    • VBI-1539 Thread title needs to parse HTML entities
    • VBI-1545 Thread prefix doesn't show in Post list
    • VBI-1551 Blog Post with special HTML characters are not displayed correctly
    • VBI-1553 Title/Content Character Limits are not handled appropriately.
    • VBI-1564 Forum - Complete list of prefixes is not displayed on mobile
    • VBI-1566 Title of Forums, Articles, Blogs & Activities shouldn't parse HTML tags
    • VBI-1568 Discard message not appearing in Forums, Articles, Blogs
    • VBI-1569 Articles - min chars in title/content is not handled
    • VBI-1571 Forum & Thread list Pagination strange behavior
    • VBI-1572 Long thread titles overflow
    • VBI-1573 Forum Create Thread shouldn't have Publish status option
    • VBI-1580 Closed Posts - Reply of a Member user displays double errors.
    • VBI-1583 Inline attachments can't load for Articles
    • VBI-1584 Default (blank) avatar doesn't show for Forum comments
    • VBI-1587 extra semi colon in starter post that has no text content
    • VBI-1589 Forums - Tags of maximum chars is not handled properly
    • VBI-1590 Remove Publish status option for new Blogs
    • VBI-1593 Tags - Invalid prefix
    • VBI-1594 Trying to post an article without text content crashes the app
    • VBI-1602 UI/UX - Text content font size is not uniform on Ipad
    • VBI-1631 Create Account Page - Email validation giving incorrect error message
    • VBI-1401 Messages - Tapping Delete does not delete the message
    • VBI-1415 Deleted threads are not dark grey for admins/mods
    • VBI-1416 Thread author text cut off slightly
    • VBI-1422 Home - Default filter label is All Content but shows Forums
    • VBI-1491 Search Results - Articles icon too big
    • VBI-1496 Blog Comments - "Comments are not enabled" text does not appear
    • VBI-1528 Forum rules page (in registration) don't work correctly
    • VBI-1552 Reply restriction for minimum characters is not working properly
    • VBI-1574 Options are not cleared in Blogs & Articles
    • VBI-1577 UI/UX - Edit icon of Blogs, Articles is cut off slightly
    • VBI-1578 Registering a username with length for minimum/maximum characters is not working properly
    • VBI-1588 Forums - reply to post is not entering comments less than 10 chars
    • VBI-1600 Blogs - Mismatch on bubble comments count
    • VBI-1603 Friends - Ads are not positioned at the bottom
    • VBI-1604 Blogs - Missing content error is not displaying
    • VBI-1606 Notifications - User is not redirected to Visitor Message
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