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Welcome to Cubcon 2019

A one night event celebrating newcomers to DEFCON and the industry.
Creating a space where veterans and newcomers alike can meet, talk, and form personal and professional support networks. Packet Hacking Village - Talk Track

Thursday, August 8th - Evening

For more information, please reach out to us at @_cubcon.
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Finalized schedule and speakers will be released soon!

More speakers to be announced!
Noid (@_noid_)

In addition to being really, really, ridiculously good looking Noid has also worked in InfoSec for a really, really, ridiculously long time. Noid loves breaking things and making systems more secure. Noid is a community college dropout who holds no certs, yet has somehow managed to not let that hold him back.
They have posted their CoC:

Start and end time need to be revised. Present posted time fotr party is "evening"