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Defcon 27 is over but do you know the rest of the story

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  • Defcon 27 is over but do you know the rest of the story

    And just like that, Defcon 27 is over. Pure intensity from Wednesday 9pm until about an hour ago. Averaged 6 hours of sleep a night. Took over 3,300 photos which is sadly about 2,000 less than normal. Walked no less than ten miles a day. This was my 20th con, never missing one since I started going in 2000. This is my family.

    We spoke of Tuna and Lockheed, and I cried. The newbs didn’t understand, but if they stick around long enough they will.

    We hugged. We laughed harder than ever and drank like pirates. We cried, we toasted, we shared our love for one another. We asked each other how we are doing, and we meant it. Help is all around if anyone needs anything.

    I didn’t hack. I photographed. I see kids raised with tech from the crib, now 17 and to them code is a fluent language. I see friends with gray hair like me, who were once fast on their feet, like I was. We share stories of the last year, pictures, events both big and small, sad and happy. Someone had a kid. Someone lost a parent. We all share the feelings and emotions. We are one.

    If you see the news and hear that “A bunch of hackers descended on Las Vegas” and that makes you glad you were not here, then you have been deceived by the press who wants to sell fear. The truth is you will never meet more honest, trustworthy, caring, honorable, and loving people in all of your days.

    We’re gay, we’re furries, we’re fat, we’re old, we dress funny and walk around with purple Mohawks. And if that’s all you see, you are missing out on something absolutely incredible. Hackers have the biggest hearts you’ll ever know.

    I love every one of these people. And for some insane reason they love me back.

    Come out next year and see what hacker life is like. I’d not trade this weekend for anything. I can’t imagine any other place to be. I can’t imagine anyone else to spend it with. I have never met finer people in my life.

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    Well said!


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      This was my first DefCon and I didnt know anyone but for what I saw, I agree with you.


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        We had one hell of a time.
        We hacked, we did shenanigans, we set up and powered 30 year old equipment in the hallways of our hotel and enjoyed the green glow of a phosphor coated CRT, we met old friends and even gained new ones, and had to say goodbye to others and remember those who are no longer with us. It was an emotional rollercoaster for sure. Best one I've had the privilege of being apart of so far. Thank you to whoever helped us change the tanks in Atari 2600 combat to cawks instead, thanks to all who welcomed us with our ancient hardware, and thanks to all those who put aside their differences to come up with amazing conversations, solutions, and unique viewpoints of technology, politics, and culture. Don't know what I'm going to lug with me next year, but it better be epic.

        Keep hacking and stay frosty,


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          Hurrah for another DC. Number 18 for me.:)