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Swag lines were longer than the badge / registration line!

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  • Swag lines were longer than the badge / registration line!

    Buying badges was easy. All you need to know is how many badges. But the swag line afterwards was very slow. It was tough to see what was available and difficult to know the actual sizes of the shirts & hoodies. It would be faster if people could look at the images on the shirts first - maybe show them on the website or on defcon TV, along with the size information? I know there could be counterfeiting / copyright issues if we put the designs online, so I understand if that isn't possible. Even having a display or photos outside the swag hall would be useful.

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    maybe hand out the order forms down the line so people would know what was available and the prices. I think that was the only holdup.


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      Yes, it'd help to have the order form... but that's a lot of paper. I'd have been happy to take a look at photos before getting in line.