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Def Con 27 Transparency Report

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  • Def Con 27 Transparency Report

    As many of you know, DEF CON has been publishing a Transparency Report at the end of the conference since DC25. It's our hope that by keeping public track of conference incidents we can encourage other conventions to share their own reporting and together we can shed some light on the challenges of creating safer and more inclusive events.

    You can see the two previous reports at https://

    This year's report was announced during Closing Ceremonies on Aug 11, 2019.

    Estimated number of people : 30k+

    # Description
    6 Harassment
    1 Sexual Assault
    2 Theft/Loss
    3 Bans/Trespasses
    2 Falling Ceiling
    2 Foiled Attacks on Casino
    1 Biblical Grasshopper Plague (avoided)
    2 Warnings Issued to Our Staff
    1 Staff Member Dismissed
    5 Drunk and Disorderly
    5 Photo Policy Complaints
    1 Media Company Ejected

    1 Hotel Safety-Security Issue
    1 Failed Troll Attempt/ Self Own

    Support Line Stats
    Available each day of the conference rom 0800-0400
    Completely anonymous
    Trained community volunteers

    # Description
    29 Total Calls
    12 Code of Conduct Reports
    5 Referrals to Para-Professional Counseling
    1 Legal Issue
    1 Person Trapped Back of House