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DEF CON China 1.0: Highlights, Cloudflare, Claire Tsai, DEF CON China 1.0


  • DEF CON China 1.0: Highlights, Cloudflare, Claire Tsai, DEF CON China 1.0

    Their Title 1: Technology's Promise - Highlights from DEF CON China 1.0

    Originally posted by URL1
    Claire Tsai
    June 05, 2019 1:00AM

    DEF CON is one of the largest and oldest security conferences in the world. Last year, it launched a beta event in China in hopes of bringing the local security communities closer together. This year, the organizer made things official by introducing DEF CON China 1.0 with a promise to build a forum for China where everyone can gather, connect, and grow together.

    Themed "Technology's Promise", DEF CON China kicked off on 5/30 in Beijing and attracted participants of all ages. Watching young participants test, play and tinker with new technologies with such curiosity and excitement absolutely warmed our hearts!

    It was a pleasure to participate in DEF CON China 1.0 this year and connect with local communities. Great synergy as we exchanged ideas and learnings on cybersecurity topics. Did I mention we also spoiled ourselves with the warm hospitality, wonderful food, live music, and amazing crowd while in Beijing.

    [IMAGES] [caption: Event Highlights: Cloudflare Team Meets with DEF CON China Visitors and Organizers (DEF CON Founder Jeff Moss and Baidu Security General Manager Jefferey Ma)] Abhinav SP @TweetsFromPanda

    Meet our youngest and cutest attendee today at BugZee village. Meet 8 year old "Joy" from Beijing who did phenomenal soldering. Amazing crowd at @defcon China.
    [caption: Youngest DEF CON China Participant Explores New Technologies on the Eve of International Children's Day. (Source: Abhinav SP | #BugZee, DEFCON China )]

    Donds donds

    All my root lights are on! #unlocked #DEFCONChina 1.0 @defcon #badgelife @Hyr0n1
    [caption: The Iconic DEF CON Badge, Designed by Joe Grand, is a Flexible Printed Circuit Board that Lights up the Interactive "Tree of Promise".]

    [Caption: The Capture The Flag (CTF) Contest is a Continuation of One of the Oldest Contests at DEF CON Dating Back to DEF CON 4 in 1996.]
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