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    Forum software has been upgraded.
    One change/feature is the forums supports a standardized URL for ToS:
    This is a place-holder which re-iterates over the same items as users see when they sign-up to join the forums. It may be changed without announcement or notice.

    Other changes:
    • Resolved an issue that caused the Upload Attachments button to appear malformed.
    • The system will now remove the "Answered" status flag on topics where the answer is deleted.
    • Resolved an issue with extraneous Name Card data preventing JSON returns. (Not reported to us here.)
    • Private Messages will no longer be put into moderation automatically. (was not an issue for us, but could have become an issue: users are still presently allowed to DM each other without moderation.)
    ​Please let us know if you see any issues. Reply here, or email us with the "Contact Us" link to report bugs and software failure.


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      Maintenance scheduled for forums, Friday, October 28, 2022 starting at around 11:00pm PDT, expected to be intermittently down for 1 hour.

      Maintenance is complete. I will be testing forums after upgrade.

      Please let us know if you see issues.

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        Minor forum maintenance planned for today, October 31, 2022 from 2pm-6pm pdt.


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          Maintenance on forum should now be complete. Expect more maintenance on or after 6AM PDT on November 1, 2022



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            And another round of maintenance complete. Re-upgraded openssl after earlier downgrade before November 1 release.

            Please let us know if you see issues. Thanks!