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    Forum software has been upgraded.
    One change/feature is the forums supports a standardized URL for ToS:
    This is a place-holder which re-iterates over the same items as users see when they sign-up to join the forums. It may be changed without announcement or notice.

    Other changes:
    • Resolved an issue that caused the Upload Attachments button to appear malformed.
    • The system will now remove the "Answered" status flag on topics where the answer is deleted.
    • Resolved an issue with extraneous Name Card data preventing JSON returns. (Not reported to us here.)
    • Private Messages will no longer be put into moderation automatically. (was not an issue for us, but could have become an issue: users are still presently allowed to DM each other without moderation.)
    ​Please let us know if you see any issues. Reply here, or email us with the "Contact Us" link to report bugs and software failure.


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      Maintenance scheduled for forums, Friday, October 28, 2022 starting at around 11:00pm PDT, expected to be intermittently down for 1 hour.

      Maintenance is complete. I will be testing forums after upgrade.

      Please let us know if you see issues.

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        Minor forum maintenance planned for today, October 31, 2022 from 2pm-6pm pdt.


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          Maintenance on forum should now be complete. Expect more maintenance on or after 6AM PDT on November 1, 2022



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            And another round of maintenance complete. Re-upgraded openssl after earlier downgrade before November 1 release.

            Please let us know if you see issues. Thanks!


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              Forum software (and more) has been upgraded. Please let us know if you see problems.

              Some changes:
              • URL Preview: wen bare URL are included, a preview of the contents fo the URL will be displayed instead of the URL. We may turn this off if people prefer it to not be enabled.

              Bugs the vendors claims as fixed:
              • Resolved an issue that prevented proper resizing video thumbnails in responsive views.
              • Page navigation data will no longer be cached.
              • Added a new method to update a user's password
              • Resolved an issue that could result in PHP Warnings using Style Variable inheritance.

              Again, please let us know if you see issues. Thanks!