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  • Forum Maintenance Announcements

    Here we will make announcements about the maintenance of the forums.

    When there are updates or technical bug fixes we will track them here instead of filling the other threads.
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    Upgrade of forum software completed today, Jan 10, 2020.

    * Emoji, Emoticons, "Smileys" : Vendor in working to migrate their presentation from images into UTF8_MB4 Unicode characters instead of images. What this should do is result in a significantly smaller amount of data being used to send 4byte chars instead of images, and save processing time in clients not having to process the image as an image. Draw-backs: screen-readers may present different data to an end-user using a screen-reader. Instead of it letting them know about an image, possibly with an alt-tag, it may let them know hex-values, or something else. Let us know if this causes you problems. Our custom smiles are still images.
    * DRAG-AND-DROP upload: below the space where you can type your message, you should see a rectangle with 2 submit buttons "Upload Attachments" and "Upload from URL" . If you drag an allowed attachment (like an image such as a JPEG ending in ,jpg or a PNG ending in .png, etc.) from your device, and hover over the rectangle that also includes those 2 submit buttons, it should change to indicate "drop files here to upload." You can drop files there for people to download later. There is a limit to the size of each attachment, type allowed, and max count per post. If you want to have your image appear as part of the text you are typing, use the "add image" method described here For Desktop Browser or For Mobile Devices running iPhone or Android and the DEF CON Forums App
    * More modern password hashing algorithm should now be supported. TO take advantage of this, you just need to change your password.
    * Many bugs fixed

    I have tested:
    * Email from forums being sent
    * New topic creation
    * Reply to new topic (post)
    * Comment to reply
    * Blog
    * PM
    * Uploading images/attachments to a post
    * More

    Please let us know if you encounter problems with using forums. Reply here. if not possible, try the "Contact Us" link to send us email.
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      The latest update to the forums software redoes the way announcement and notice banners are displayed. I'll be working on implementing the changes and adding some new banners to make things look nicer and create a more custom look.

      If you are running a a DEF CON Group and want custom art for your section just ask.
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