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Secial Engineer CTF Sign Ups for DEF CON 28

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  • Secial Engineer CTF Sign Ups for DEF CON 28

    The SECTF

    This year will be our 11th year running the Social Engineering Capture the Flag (SECTF) at Def Con! It feels like just yesterday we were in our closet size room, as our first ever contestant entered the booth. (Looking at you, Wayne!) This year, at Def Con 28, we will be changing the format of the SECTF. Each year, we find it a challenge for our contestants to reach their target companies due to the company’s work schedules. To combat that this year, we are choosing to only run the SECTF for one day. The competition will be held on Thursday, August 6, 2020. This will mean a small decrease in the number of contestants we will be able to accept. However, we feel that this will mean a more successful competition for all!

    With the acceptance margin a little smaller we highly recommend that each person submit a video. There are hundreds who submit to compete in the SECTF each year and the only thing that gives us a glimpse into who you are is your video. So, make it fun, make it entertaining, make it unique, and original! Let us see who you are and why you should be in the booth, but, above all, please follow the rules!

    To sign up for The SECTF head on over to our signup page!

    Signups accepted until: May 11, 20202

    Videos MUST be submitted by: May 15, 2020
    May 11th, 2020
    May 11th, 2020
    PGP key: valid 2020 Jan 15, to 2024 Jan 01 Fingerprint: BC5B CD9A C609 1B6B CD81 9636 D7C6 E96C FE66 156A