DEF CON Groups Application Template
Ready to Submit Your Info? Please email to dcgroups [at]

Group Location
City and State, Country, Full Country Code and Calling Code
Example: Seattle, Washington, USA, +1 206

Group Name You Are Requesting [How to determine your DCG name]
Example: DCG206

Group Nickname You Are Requesting
Example: DCG Moscow

Summary and Leadership Structure
Example: The DC0001 started in 2007. It was formed by several local hackers. Jean Luc, Luke and Mal run the meetings and keep the website updated.

Example: We meet at the local Cowboy Fengs Bar and meeting hall every 2nd Wed. where everybody takes turn giving a talk on what their interest are.

Areas of Special Interest
Example: We have a 3D printer and we have a lock picking wall we also are working on some WIFI projects.

Current Projects
Example: Currently attempting to create an SDR reader/writer with an extended range.

Cool Things About Us:
Example: We 3D printed toys for the local school during an outreach fair at the school.
We made new locks using lasers.

Contact Info (POC or any other relevant
Example: Jean Luc - is the main contact at

Photos (limited to six and must be SFW)
We recommend the following sizes:
  1. 32x32 for forum channel icon
  2. 600x600 for main DCG pages
  3. As big as you want as a file attachment for people to download

Primary/Other Languages Spoken
English, Chinese, and we like French too.
Ready to Submit Your Info? Please email to dcgroups [at]

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