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DC212 Virtual Meeting April 11

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  • DC212 Virtual Meeting April 11

    Next dc212 meeting TOMORROW April 11th at 5:30pm EST

    It'll be an -online-only- meeting where we break out into teams for @TraceLabs global OSINT CTF to locate missing persons. Figuring out logistics in dc212 slack till then
DC212 New York City, New York USA

About this Group

Location: New York City, New York

Point of Contact: Rex

POC Email:

Website: pending

D212 Meets: This group will meet once a month at first, with a 2nd (or perhaps more) satellite meetings occurring once special interest groups reach a certain critical mass. Once a month. Email for time/location.

Description: From the ashes of the previous DEF CON NYC (which we hear was awesome and super interactive) rises a new group with the same mission: hands on educational content geared towards hacking in the infosec sense of the word and beyond.
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