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  • The Dark Tangent
    I’ve been updating the dorectory lately and if anyone has suggest please met me know.

    Ive got a couple more maker related updates and one electronics addition but looking to round it out with other hacker-ish content.

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  • Afterm4th
    Originally posted by Dark Tangent View Post
    I think all I’m missing is a description from
    you to describe the archives. I’ll post them now without, and update them
    when you write something up.


    These archives contain 2 compressed 7zip files containing 2 websites that
    both went offline at the same time and have not been made public since
    their DNS servers expired.

    The first website Hack Canada ( which contained a lot
    of original information (as well as artwork) on Canadian subjects of a h/p
    nature. For example: information on Canadian telephone networks, ISPs,
    telcos and other companies, wardial scans of NPAs based in Canada,
    information, scans and software related to datapac (Canadas rock solid x25
    network) along with a plethora of other information that was mostly

    The other archive is of which was a loosely affiliated
    website by and for the Canadian HP scene with a slight feel of
    journalism in some of their writing.

    Like Hack Canada, it hosted a huge amount of
    original information not found elsewhere, as well as it hosted its own
    creation, k-1ine digital magazine which with each issue came out with
    better content until k-1ines final issue #51, "k-1ine forever" which was a
    tribute issue to a well respected and liked Canadian hacker who died.

    Nettwerked not only hosted h/p content and k-1ine, but also information
    on Rights and Freedoms within Canada, conspiracies, Loop-Holes and Scams
    were disclosed in the form of text files, and it also hosted a massive
    archive called "Backcrawling Systems" of old hacker programs that were
    collected as far back as the 80s from dial-up BBSs.

    It also hosted a slew of sub-networked projects, programs and information
    such as the voodoo magic box which was cutting edge hardware in the field
    of electro cranial stimulation and brainwave modification similar to
    binaural beats.

    They were also the first to expose with their own kind of journalistic
    style, the "Bar Watch" program which is a requirement for nightclubs to be
    a part of in Canada as a front for the possibly illegal (and definitely
    unethical) surveillance of those attending nightclubs (they have since
    then and continue to change the name of their operation to keep the
    public unaware of their immoral surveillance.

    Nettwerked was also the host of what was
    possibly the largest and most active online H/P bulletin board system
    (running on phpbb) that the Canadian Hacker scene ever seen.

    These are just some of the things you'll find when exploring the archives
    of Nettwerked and Hack Canada... These two websites are arguably the two
    Canadian H/P sites with the most original content, and had the most
    influence on its Canadian readers in the history of the Canadian Scene.

    Both of the sites DNS hosting ran out a few years ago and after
    completely losing contact with pretty much all of their members I finally
    got ahold of their webmaster and he gave me these archives and told me I
    could have them as long as I was able to share the contents of them with
    everyone on the world wide web. There's so much I can write about that is
    in these archives.

    You'll have fun discovering the long lost content of these two amazing

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  • The Dark Tangent
    I think all I’m missing is a description from you to describe the archives. I’ll post them now without, and update them when you write something up.


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  • The Dark Tangent
    If you can bundle it all up in an archive we could host it

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  • ironfeather`

    Working on getting my stuff organized. Just dumped all data from a box of ancient hard drives to a new large drive and sifting & sorting is happening. I can contribute some bits about some of the cons I attended before too long.

    Something for the con archives :)

    Phuture Conference OCT 11th, 2014

    One day conference in Denver Colorado dedicated to cyberpunk & hack topics.. Was hoping to make it an annual event but I up and relocated far away. It was a great day with a wide variety of speakers and people working together to organize it. Hosted in a vintage coin-op video game arcade which was available during breaks.

    An archive of the website is here:

    Click image for larger version  Name:	3banner_240.gif Views:	0 Size:	1.09 MB ID:	235666

    noon - 1pm : Meet & Greet social hour with all video games on, hosted by DJ Robin/KGNU

    1pm - 1:30pm : Welcome by Johannes Grenzfurthner (

    1:30pm - 1:40pm : Xyla "80s arcade culture and how i'm trying to bring it back"

    1:40 - 2pm : Current Status of Pirate Radio hosted by Colorado Community Radio Network Rocky Flats & Sweet T.

    2pm -2:30 : Rich Wolf, retired security employee from Ma Bell & Bell Labs. Talk with Q&A. Hosted by Lucky225

    2:30-3pm : Cacheflowe, an Ello developer. Talk with Q&A

    3pm - 3:30pm : IceQUICK ( / : "How Tor works to keep you safe online" :

    3:30pm - 4pm : Eddie "the y3t1" Mize : "Y3t1's UberPwn Leave- behind Device - Inside your Netz"

    4pm-4:30 : MikeDawg (556 Forensics, LLC) : "quick year in review, and what we can expect from the future. Some details about vulns with bash (shellshock) and SSL (heartbleed)."

    4:30pm-5pm : John Major Jenkins "Printing History and Information Memes" :

    5pm - 5:40 : Jasmine Sailing / CYBER-PSYCHOS AOD / Death Equinox :

    5:40 - 6pm : Doctor_Xtreme : "Ambrosia Vibrator: the bionic strap on" :

    6pm - 7pm : The Gingerbread Man : "Smart-Drugs: A Modern Day Prometheus" :

    7pm - 7:15 : Kronda Seibert : "evil dictatorship, Steampunk lifehacks, writing scifi and running everything" :

    7:15- 7:25 : Ben Young "The Current State of Online Poker" :

    7:25 - 8pm : Ryan Finnigan : "Hardware Hacking in the Arts, and a Beer Orchestra" (Inventer, Artist, Musician, and Cocktail Robiticist) : the first ACRA award winner at Roboexotica from Colorado.

    8pm-9:30pm : FILM : "Die Gstettensaga: The Rise of Echsenfriedl" Director/writer on hand to present film.

    9:30 - 10pm Connor Penhale : "LED LIGHTning Talk: Visualization with Arduino and Processing"

    10pm -4am MUSIC by:

    10pm - 10:45pm SLEEPWALK CINEMA
    10:45- 11:30 Ben Young(Big Ben)
    11:30pm- 12:15am RASMUSSEN
    12:15 - 1:30am CATDOG
    1:30 - 2:30 ?
    2:30- 3:30 Stevyn IronFeather/KGNU
    Last edited by ironfeather`; November 28, 2020, 00:17.

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  • Afterm4th
    link sent too you as a private message! i let TheClone know that its finally being put up somewhere publicly and he said it made his whole month to hear it! Thanks!

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  • The Dark Tangent
    commented on 's reply
    Great! Thank you.

  • Afterm4th
    DT: thats friggin awesome! Ill send you a link to them as soon as I get it uploaded!

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  • The Dark Tangent
    It would be. We have an web site mirror directory where we can host the archives and depending even the uncompressed versions.

    It's just getting started so the more we can start with the better.

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  • Afterm4th
    Thank you to everyone involved in this project! Its awesome , plus some!

    I am currently in possession of archives of and, both of which are no longer hosted anywhere on the internet . The domains both expired several years back.

    Both sites have information, programs and code that is not found anywhere else. I was given the archives by TheClone (former webmaster and one of the creators/founding members of both nettwerked and hackcanada).

    They were given to me compressed in a tar file thats just over 3GB. Uncompressed the websites function perfectly.

    He (the clone) has given me permission to find a suitable place to publicly archive it.

    Would this be suitable content for infocon?

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  • The Dark Tangent
    After some searching tecknicaltom here is the state of my archive:
    • Found! Black Hat Amsterdam 2004 - Audio only - Not named or sorted, in a Sony audio format. Needs work!
    Everything else either never happened, or it did and there is no record of it. I'd have to go match up your list to the past history of where / when Black Hat happened over the years.

    I also found some older picture archives I'll add once the Amsterdam audio gets converted and processed.

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  • The Dark Tangent
    commented on 's reply
    Good find!

    Let me poke through my past archives and see if any of the files exist.

  • tecknicaltom
    As always, thanks for the amazing work and your service to the community. I was backfilling data for Black Hat in InfoconDB and wanted to share that the following Black Hat conferences appear to be missing videos. I've no idea if they're readily available or have been lost to time:
    Black Hat Asia 2001
    Black Hat Asia 2002
    Black Hat Europe 2004
    Black Hat Europe 2006
    Black Hat Europe 2008
    Black Hat Europe 2009

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  • Minupla
    No suggestions here, infocon is awesome tho, and thank you, I've used it so many times when mentoring new folks to our family. Its the first place I point people who express an interest in infosec, hacker culture, or who ask what those badges are hanging on the wall behind me during a zoom meeting at work :).

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  • What content is missing? Suggest links here!

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    We are always on the lookout for more content to host at

    Please post links to suggested videos, archives, podcasts, rainbow tables or word lists. Also we are considering adding some 'zine archives such as PoC||GTFO (Proof-Of-Concept or GTFO)