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    I was considering creating a copypasta method for having regional embassies for presenters and organizers with A/V support and producers to help with QA

    Naturally, this will be organized geographically rather than by subject matter. coordination between organizers to not have conflicting talks, or to have extra support in regions that will have a higher volume of talks should mitigate any scheduling conflicts.

    I'll submit a sample panel discussion between mock embassies to demonstrate how it would work.

    thoughts? Ideas?

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    Are Embassies kind of like DEF CON Groups?
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      Not quite. The embassies are about assuring professionally managed A/V content for speakers. The embassies would be selected by region. I'd imagine approx 6 embassies in the United States.

      An embassy would be dedicated studio space with the supporting equipment and staff to deliver consistent professional grade content.

      BCOS Village speaker lives in Kansas City, flies to Denver, streams segment to either the Village site or to DefCon core, content is then streamed from there.

      Security savvy producers would sit somewhere in that chain to sort through questions and comments for better, real-time interaction with the Speaker

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    I vote STRONGLY against this. Unless these are embassies that are funded and under the Department of State. Else this sounds sketch.

    Im new, howeber not new to the planet. Please correct me of im wrong in thinking that everyone who has organized, speaks and attends is essentially the wizard of security in any tech/cyber or physical security setting?

    I hope i did not misunderstand you. i appologize if I am miss speaking.


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      Instead of having people travel to a location for A/V streaming we could create an A/V Streaming Setup In-A-Box and shit it to people?

      It would have pre-configured laptop, camera, good microphone, green screen backdrop, and lighting. I haven't worked it out yet, but that would be cheaper then air and hotel for people to travel.
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        Travel and rooms are cheap right now. "embassies" could be sponsored by smaller companies like contributing security consultancies that typically can't afford visibility. Strategic placement would make these places quick and easy to access. EG. Philadelphia is in the dead center of the NE corridor and could support DC-Boston and maybe as far west as Chicago.

        I've organized in a few villages and I'd love to see the presenters get onto something close to a DEFCON stage, complete with branding and art.

        Some people will want to stream their presentation from home due to medical conditions, expenses or reasons that are none of my business. Some presenters will be happy to be engaged with something more. Just an opinion. Just trying to create more of an experience