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  • DEFCON 28 MUD Contest

    What: A Multi User Dungeon, MUD, or LPMUD
    When: Now - July 27th (Practice Mode), August 1st 2020 - DC28 Closing Ceremonies
    Prize: Defcon 29 Human Badge + Others

    Your mission should you chose to accept it is to play a MUD at on port 4000 (plaintext) or port 5000 (SSL) and collect as many flags as possible, flags can be entered at and rues can be found at

    The game supports MXP, has no rules against botting and has been designed to be beatable within 7 days but there are some twists. There are multiple game mechanics that make this hard, like permadeath. Some game mechanics can be abused, others broken, do you have what it takes to play this completely unfair game and come out on top? Dust off your tintin++ scripts and get your auto mappers ready, DEFCON has gone retro.

    There will be a player wipe and all hints will be removed prior to game start, good luck.
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    So the question is how do I connect to play the game. The uninitiated might try to use NC, telnet is a mostly plain text protocol, however we implement telnet with MXP which means you will likely want a mud client.

    You can telnet to telnet:// or connect with Mudlet, TinTin++ etc to port 4000. You can also connect with mudlet or telnet-ssl to port 5000 which is our TLS port. To enable MXP type 'mxp on' telnet sub option negotiations will be enabled later and I will likely be doing shenanigans with them.

    Ok so you've connected, now what, well you need to enter in a player name, if that player name isn't in use you will be prompted to create a character.

    Once your player is connected you can use the following commands to get help:

    Most commands have a help function so 'help -h' for example will show you the help for the help command.

    So if you find a flag, it will be in the format of 'flag{ }' which is the same format as the D20CTF (Thanks Dan), you head on over to (this is a practice board, the board will be wiped just like the players sometime around July 29th ish or so.

    To communicate with other players or mobs you can use the say or whisper commands. To communicate to players privately use the tell command, and to chat on the game chat channels use the gossip command.