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CHV Badge: Meet the Badge

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  • CHV Badge: Meet the Badge

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Name:	CHV2020LEDs.gif
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    Defcon may be cancelled, but badgelife isn’t! We’re back with another awesome electronic badge! This year we teamed up with MK Factor to bring you something special. The badge features automotive ethernet, a retro theme, and lots of LEDs!

    What is automotive ethernet? It’s just like normal ethernet, but it runs over a single twisted pair instead of four. It’s also limited to ~15 meters, which is more than enough for a vehicle. It’s used for connecting things like cameras, LIDAR, and other high-bandwidth sensors inside a vehicle, as well as diagnostics and firmware updates.

    The badge features TWO automotive ethernet converters, allowing you to connect these automotive ethernet devices to a normal computer network for hacking “diagnostics”.

    Automotive ethernet doesn’t have a standard connector, so we put a tool-less terminal block on the board. This way you can connect to any twisted wire pair easily. There are also two RJ45* jacks to connect to your computer/switch/etc. The badge acts as a transparent media converter between the two network types.
    *I know it’s actually 8P8C

    We know everyone loves blinky lights, so we put LEDs all over this badge to make it really stand out!

    Click image for larger version

Name:	CHV2020Front2-1024x770.jpg
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Name:	CHV2020Back-1024x772.jpg
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    Badge Specs
    • NXP LPC51U68 Microcontroller
    • NXP TJA1102 100Base-T1 Dual PHY
    • 2x Microchip KSZ8091MNX 100Base-TX PHY
    • 25 LEDs
    • Runs on 3 AAA batteries or USB

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    oh man fantastic WORK! Great Job!