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  • Spacecraft Cyber Research | Exploiting Spacecraft

    I've been working with ground and spacecraft systems for around 10 years. At this year's virtual DefCON, I will be presenting a high-level cyber threat landscape for space systems and focus on three examples: Command Replay Attack, Command Link Intrusion, and Denial of Service using GPS jamming. These three attacks were performed using high fidelity ground-to-space simulators to demonstrate the benefit of performing such research using simulation. Performing security testing/research using simulators is a great compromise to real hardware due to the availability and cost of real spacecraft hardware. These simulations leverage many of the same software components used in operations today for several operational missions. Within the presentation, recommendations are provided on how to protect against the attacks and references are provided so the audience can build their own simulations to begin their own research.

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    Thanks Brandon, relly looking forwards to this! P


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      Thank you! Excited for this!