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DC937 Dayton, Ohio USA

About this Group

Location: Dayton, Ohio

Point of Contact: Nicole Beckwith

POC Email:

Backup Point of Contact: Clayton Horstman

Backup POC Twitter: @robot9000/li>

Website: pending

Description: DC937 strives to bring like minded people together from all over the region. We plan on having a presenter at every meeting for a short 20-30 minutes and will include all disciplines and professions. The core group of 6 committee members listed below each come from unique backgrounds and together make up the core committee. This committee will need a majority vote to pass any new changes to the bylaws or structure of the group. We decided to place equal status on each committee member and not titles.

DC937 Meets: We have arranged to have our meetings on the fourth Thursday of every month from 6:00PM to 8:00PM at Proto Build Bar (PBB). PBB is a bar and coffee shop, as well as a 3D printing and soldering shop with classes and retro/classic gaming nights. Located in Downtown Dayton at 53
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