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SEATF: Maritime Hacking CTF - Saturday

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  • SEATF: Maritime Hacking CTF - Saturday

    Fathom5’s Maritime-Industrial CTF event allows competitors to gain hands-on experience hacking real maritime hardware in a controlled environment using Fathom5’s Grace maritime cybersecurity testbed. Grace is an accessible, realistic configuration of maritime systems where competitors complete challenges in a simulated afloat environment, with real ICS components and fieldbus protocols. The Grace testbed replicates a series of different maritime-industrial environments, including navigation, fire main, and hydraulic steering systems. The testbed makes both physical and simulated components available to competitors in order to replicate performance of maritime systems at lifelike scale. The CTF challenges scale from novice to expert-level on both IT and OT fronts such that competitors can gain experience on either side of the system. This CTF event has been deployed at DEFCON 27 (Aug 2019) as part of the Hack The Sea Village v1.0 and at HACKtheMACHINE-NYC (Sept 2019). It is also planned for to be deployed at DEFC ON 28 and HACKtheMACHINE- Atlanta in Aug 2020. This CTF can support approximately 20 teams of 3-5 individuals concurrently and typically takes 14 hours for skilled teams to navigate the challenges. The number of teams, size of teams, and depth of challenges can be adjusted to fit within host event timelines.
    August 8, 2020 06:00
    August 8, 2020 16:00