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Unofficial Minetest server for Defcon 28

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  • Unofficial Minetest server for Defcon 28

    Since we will all be sitting at our computer during Defcon this year I'm thinking of hosting a Minetest server.

    If there is interest the server will run from August 7-9

    What is Minetest?:
    Minetest is an "An open source voxel game engine". You can think of it as an open source Minecraft. You spawn on an infinitelyâ„¢ generating terrain and can build and interact with other players.

    The server will have no rule and PVP will be on, making it an "anarchy" server where anything goes! Minetest's anticheat will still be turned on but if you manage to bypass it you can do whatever you want, this is Defcon after all. 😉

    Please drop a message below if you are interested!