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  • DefCon Safe Mode LPV challenge!

    This year for obvious reasons our game is going to have to be somewhat different from the challenges we usually put together so we decided to try an all-remote version of some of the key decoding challenges that have been done at past events. While we are finalizing all the details and the challenges won't be available until the start of the con we wanted to give everyone a heads up so they can prepare themselves.

    The contest will challenge attendees to decode keys from photographs and decode the contents of a lock in order to determine the master key, all wrapped in what we hope will be a fun little narrative adventure.

    So, if you want to try your hand at this, stop by the contest channel in the Lockpick Village.

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    Before you get into the game itself, here is some information to help you. First, while the prizes are primarily bragging rights this year it is more fun for everyone if you keep your answers secret. Feel free to share general information on the techniques and theories employed in this challenge, along with suggestions for tools and references.
    Requests for tips and hints should be sent to the #💎lpv-key-contest-text channel on the DefCon Discord server and LPV staff will respond publicly or privately as needed.
    Answers should be submitted to this form once you believe you have completed all of the challenges:
    Live assistance with the challenge will be available when the LPV is open. Final results will be announced in this channel 1 hour before closing on Sunday.


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      Challenge 1 - You are a spy tasked with gaining full access around a target building. You quickly discern that they are using a master keyed environment and you determine that obtaining the Top Master Key would be most beneficial to your aims. By operating under the pretext of a visiting supplier delivering an order of goods, you are temporarily handed a key that unlocks a small storage room. Since you are alone with the key temporarily, you take a careful photograph of it for later analysis. Can you use photographic analysis to decode the storage room key? (Key C01)
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        Challenge 2 - As you are leaving the storage room, you ask an employee if there is a clerical area where you might make some photocopies of your delivery invoices (you are hoping to see if there is a shred bin of sensitive documents that you might pilfer for data) and learn that, while there is no such specialized area in this building, the employee has a photocopier/fax/scanner/printer device in their office and they offer to help you out. The employee unlocks their office and places their key on their desk while asking for your paperwork to be photocopied. As they busy themselves with the copier for a few moments, you quickly snap a photo of their office key. It is not as crisp and aligned as the photo of the key where you had time and privacy, but you think you should be able to decode this one, as well. Can you use photographic analysis to decode this office key? (Key C02)
        Click image for larger version

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          Challenge 3 - You return to the office the next day, saying that you may need to double-check the count on some of the inventory which you delivered, ostensibly concerned that "the warehouse may have shorted the customer some supplies and you want them to get what they paid for." This time, someone escorts you back to the storage room and unlocks it for you, instead of giving you their key. As you walk through the halls, you pass a phone company technician. You have seen this person before in the building. Their key appears to unlock multiple doors to IDF wiring closets. You believe they may have either the building's Top Master Key or, at least, and Intermediate Master Key. You take a very quick photo with your phone as you pass them, catching an image of their work badge and their key. Can you use photographic analysis to decode the technician's key? (Key MA3)
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Name:	challenge 03 - technician's key.jpg
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            Challenge 4 - After the employee unlocks the storage room for you, they leave you unattended. This gives you the opportunity to check and see if the key you decoded in Challenge 1 is functional. With no one watching you, quickly you pull the door handle set lever off and knock the KIK cylinder out into your hand. On a small table in the storage room, you rapidly disassemble this cylinder and use a decoder card to measure the pins. It was, indeed, part of a master system. Can you determine what is happening in the video clip with the use of the decoder card and determine the sizes of the key pins and master pins of the storage room lock?
            Video available at:


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              Challenge 5 - You think you may now have enough information to determine the building's Top Master Key. Do you know the bitting?