Kubernetes Goat is “vulnerable by design” Kubernetes Cluster environment to practice and learn about Kubernetes Security.
In this session Madhu Akula will present how to get started with Kubernetes Goat by exploring different vulnerabilities in Kubernetes Cluster and Containerised environments. Also he demonstrates the real-world vulnerabilities and maps the Kubernetes Goat scenarios with them.
Also, we will see the complete documentation and instruction to practice Kubernetes Security for performing security assessments. As a defender you will see how we can learn these attacks, misconfigurations to understand and improve your cloud native infrastructure security posture.

Speaker(s): Madhu Akula

Location: Red Team Vlg

Discord: https://discord.com/channels/7082082...77357820411944

Event starts: 2020-08-09 09:45 (09:45 AM) PDT (UTC -07:00)

Event ends: 2020-08-09 10:45 (10:45 AM) PDT (UTC -07:00)

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