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Please Help Seed Out Safe Mode Content

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    Seeding from SA ! Let me know if more bandwidth is required


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      SPAM same message in multiple locations not on topic to conversation

      i have a system ui 11 black app with green ūüüĘ in middle. its spyware. anyone know how to remove it? been going on for 2 months. dude changes passwords locks up my facebook blocks contacts unbinds google play etc. going on 2 months. can anyone help pls? message me.

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      Thanks everyone!


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        Will there be a need for seeders/seedboxes this year?


        • number6
          number6 commented
          Editing a comment
          There have been requests for seeders as content is put into torrents every year for probably 10 or more years.
          Even past content is available through torrents for people to download and share.
          There is a nearly 100% chance that seeding will be needed for this year.

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        Great idea, let the seeding begin.


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          Vendu ...
          Ce qui me tiens a coeur depuis des années, les Badges DEFCON ...
          Depuis de nombreuses années j'en parle autour de moi par la vie réelle et recommande
          de les trouver durant les festivités DEFCON annuelles

          Sold ...
          What has been close to my heart for years, the DEFCON Badges...
          For many years I talk about it around me through real life and recommend
          to find them during the annual DEFCON festivities‚Äč

          I propose a small collaboration
          I have a music E-shop for my label music I sell usb cards there, and therefore the possibility of selling extras
          I'm thinking directly about defcon badges, working in drop-shipping ...

          offer people the opportunity to find DEFCON badges at a good price... and do some publicity for the badges
          Put totally underground bages at the right price‚Äč‚Äč

          I offer a product of USB cards.for my project ..
          And I'm open for good sellers to earn maximum on the price to offer a special offer where all my profit margin is offered to the sellers ‚Äč

          Click image for larger version  Name:	Dmc Mystic - Tech House Vol2 Atwork (Hacker mix).jpg Views:	0 Size:	93.0 KB ID:	243823‚Äč

          Share one of my special music for hackers

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            Dark Tangent, would it be possible to add an RSS feed for the DC28 torrents ?