Title: Aviation Privacy Treasure Hunt

This OSINT CTF sends the participant on a wild treasure hunt across open aviation data, demonstrating the severe impact of some of the issues surrounding aviation tracking and datalink privacy. The participants will learn how the lack of security in wireless protocols affects the privacy of passengers and aircraft operators alike and how to exploit them. This treasure hunt will cover privacy leaks on datalinks and ATC communication used by corporate, government, military and commercial aircraft. We will actively engage with countermeasures and mitigations, showing which ones are helpful and which ones are not. This will include the most current industry attempts, including the FAA’s Privacy ICAO Address programme and ACARS encryption measures. For this CTF, we will use a mixture of OSINT data sources available on the web, exclusive real-world datasets, and mock data based on our research over the past five years.

Speaker(s): Martin Strohmeier

Location: Aerospace Vlg

Discord: https://discord.com/channels/7082082...93044363444264

Event starts: 2020-08-07 09:00 (09:00 AM) PDT (UTC -07:00)

Event ends: 2020-08-07 16:00 (04:00 PM) PDT (UTC -07:00)

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