Guess who's back again? That's right, its me.

Now you may be wondering, where have I been? Last you probably saw of me was in the Def Con Discord server. Basically, I left because I accidentally went beck into my dumb friend group and decided to give up hacking (cough cough, I didn't) Tl;Dr on what happened, I was manipulated into believing I was a manipulator and they banned me from the group. But now I have a bunch of free time on my hands, which means I get to come back to a certain fun hobby of mine. Hacking...

Game plan!!!

​ So my game plan...
  1. Start learning again
  2. Wear a shit ton of pink (my friends though they owned it)
  3. Make a bunch of friends
  4. Fuck yeah
So hell yeah, I'll keep this place updated. Stay safe, wear a mask, and be careful with what friends you have.

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