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DC401 Providence Meets Online October 19!

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  • DC401 Providence Meets Online October 19!

    Using OWASP Nettacker For Recon and Vulnerability Scanning

    OWASP Nettacker project was created to automate the information gathering, vulnerability scanning and in general to aid the penetration testing engagements. Nettacker is able to run various scans using a variety of methods and generate scan reports for applications and networks, including services, bugs, vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, default credentials and many other cool features - for example an ability to chain different scan methods and get reports in JSON and CSV format. This relatively new (Summer 2017) and a lesser-known OWASP project has generated a huge amount of interest at BlackHat Europe 2018 and 2010 Arsenal tracks gathering massive crowds of seasoned hackers and penetration testers eager to see this new tool in practice.

    October 19, 2020 18:00
    October 19, 2020 19:30
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DC401 Providence, Rhode Island USA

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Official DefCon group for Rhode Island. This is a resurrection of the DC401 that previously existed, now with the blessing of its former organizer, Agent5. Local DefCon groups cover anything and everything about security. Making, breaking, updating, learning, discussing. One time we might do some soldering, another time we might build a password cracking rig, we might play with a device from the Internet of Things (ugh, that's as painful a term as 'cyber' now), maybe do pentesting, pretty much anything that you want to talk about! And best of all, it's free for all!
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