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Defcoin Fundraising Offer for Infocon Hardware

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  • Defcoin Fundraising Offer for Infocon Hardware

    If Infocon site admins are interested in the idea I'd be willing to donate Defcoin for the purpose of rewarding anyone who wants to donate any needed hardware (harddrives, server rental, etc.) for Infocon.

    My suggestion though is to only reward the Defcoin at the "more expensive" rate of 1,000 DFC per $1.

    If whoever is running Infocon likes the idea I'd make just one stipulation on trust... set some sort of deadline for a fundraiser (even up to year) and whatever coins are rewarded to donors by that time could be returned to me.

    If interested please PM me a deposit address emailed from an email.

    I'm posting publicly here and not in an email to get commentary too from others to hear if their might be any interest in this idea.

    I'd do up to $1,000 USD worth of donations, i.e. I'd donate up to 1,000,000 DFC.

    If you want to donate hardware to Infocon and would appreciate the 'trinket reward' of owning any (or more) Defcoin please chime in here!

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    Originally posted by turnkit View Post
    I'd donate up to 1,000,000 DFC.
    In case this needs any clarification - I am not trying to get money for myself.

    If there is any interest then I would send infocon 1,000,000 DFC and whenever they got any donations in hard drives that they wanted, or in $USD, then they could reward the donors with DFC.

    Important to remember that "Defcoin has no financial value at this time."