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    Since the 1980's I have been collecting art, graphics, posters, flyers, stickers, letters from people, adverts, newspaper clippings, etc that I have saved to be used in my zine the IronFeather Journal. Its way too much and I was thinking of bringing to the recycle bin soon but decided first I would scan everything in and start a project called "Ironfeather Compendium"

    I have many items related to hacking, cyberpunk, newspaper clippings, stuff picked up at the early cons I attended around the USA.

    I would be happy to upload the complete collection or I could organize just the con/hack related stuff into a section.

    The Ironfeather Journals have always been produced by cut and paste, glue on paper, film negatives produced, plates and printed on printing presses. I have never scanned them in but will soon and can include.

    During the cons I also conducted many interviews and meant just to transcribe the content as text for my zine but still have the audio & video. I can sort out how to import from the original sources.

    I just learned about the project today and excited to contribute goodies.
    Cheers, Stevyn Ironfeather

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    Love it!

    If younhold off until the next VB update, about a week or two, there is a big uodate to picitre galleries coming that might be better for you to group and share amyour project.
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      now that I read the notes I realize they are all fixes and features that won’t impact your uploads or picture albums you create in your profile
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        Greets, ok nice! I will get busy scanning. Just found a bunch of boxes filled with papers. I imported 500 boxes of stuff and need to go through them all. I have stuff from hackers cons that are defunct, maybe happened just a few times. I am excited, like christmas :) This stuff has all been in storage many years.

        For video, I have a $20 cheapy adapter and will research something better.
        IronFeather Journals :


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          The update is complete, let me know if you see a differences in album or picture management ironfeather`
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