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DC402 Omaha, NE virtual meeting Nov. 10

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  • DC402 Omaha, NE virtual meeting Nov. 10

    Gus is speaking at our Nov 10 virtual meetup (6PM CT). Come hear what's in his backpack & tails from his adventures bicycling around town.

    Spoiler alert: it will include police monitoring, Wigle scanning, picking love locks, tornado sirens, & jukebokes.

    DC402 Omaha Virtual Meeting.ics
    November 10, 2020 18:00
    November 10, 2020 20:00
DC402 Omaha, Nebraska

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Location: Omaha, Nebraska

Point of Contact: Tim Vidas

POC email:

Backup Point of Contact: Jason Lehr

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DC402 Meets: We meet at different local venues every second Tuesday of the month. Check the website or follow us at @defcon402 for the latest information.

Description: Attendees give talks, often security-related, but also drifting into other interesting areas of tech. Our meetings are informal, social and often tend to gravitate toward the technical side of things. That said, we are not afraid of topics like tech policy and we strive to be inclusive rather than exclusive. Many of our members have interesting histories in U.S. government, capture the flag competitions, digital forensics, law enforcement, and various involvement with a small gathering of people in Las Vegas every year known as DEF CON.

Areas of Interest: We have access to a 75W laser-engraver. Many of our members have interesting histories in U.S. governm
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