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    HI my name is ____ I want to learn Black Hat hacking l want to break into systems and I am 11 years old

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    Originally posted by Iam_jr View Post
    HI my name is ____ I want to learn Black Hat hacking l want to break into systems and I am 11 years old
    Ages ago, there was a part of DEF CON reserved for younger hackers, called "DEF CON Kids" which was then renamed to "R00tz" (letter "Ohs" replaced with digit zero.)

    Here is a forum discussion for that part of DEF CON:
    It provides a link to
    They have provided introduction to various disciplines of hacking, from evaluating binaries, looking for 0-days (security holes where exploits might be possible but not yet published) , wifi & network analysis and key breaking, lock picking, social engineering and more.
    If you have no experience, and you are young, it might be a good place to start.
    It is not for everyone. Some people might prefer self-education and exploration of what is possible without following a structure lesson plan.
    If you prefer self-directed education, check out for previously recorded presentation with documentation on topics that you want to learn abour, then use keywords from those foe parts which lack clarity and search online for e-docs (txt, pdf, html) contents or in-print media that helps you.

    Find a path that works for you and take it.

    Good luck!
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