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    [U][B][SIZE=20px]Ham Radio Village N4E Spotting Center[/SIZE][/B][/U][/CENTER]

    Hello everyone and happy new years eve! Here we will be announcing/spotting where, when, and how (what mode) the Ham Radio Village NYE special event station, N4E will be on the air operating, so stay tuned to the forums to help us ring in the new year with amateur radio!
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    QST QST, N4E is currently on the air!!

    The Ham Radio Village special event station is currently operating on 40m FT8 till ~9am PST (12pmEST).

    Lets get this ham radio party started!


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      After a short break, N4E is back on the air!

      You can now catch us on 20m FT8, where we will be partying for the next hour, but dont fret, we will be back soon enough with even more ham radio

      You can also watch a livestream of the action at [URL][/URL]


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        Wow, we got 54 FT8 contacts in that last hour, great to hear everyone on ham radio.

        We are now on 40m LSB phone continuing our New Years Eve special event station, N4E, to help up ring in 2021 with DEFCON and amateur radio!

        Hope to hear your voices on the air, see you on 40m!


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          Wow, that flew past, in just 48 hours, the Ham Radio Village Special Event Station, N4E got a total of 144 contacts, 62 grids, 3 continents, and 35 states, that amazing!

          Can't wait to see what stats we can get next time!

          See y'all on the air