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    Hey TieShort I'll see what's up with the articles permissions. Thanks for this list, I'll make sure to add them and make it easier for others to add their as well.

    I noticed some more farm related talks from Black Hat on YouTube and will add them to the media thread, but anyone can add them as well.
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      Originally posted by TieShort View Post
      Discussion mainly seems to be around tractors / R2R so far. Just curious how far into AG people are interested in going, as there is a lot of possible hacking interests.
      • There are a number of attempts at automating farm work, including autonomous tractors and robotic management.
      • There are people trying to change the way farming is done going to vertical farms and indoor farms.
      • There is a lot of discussion around biodiversity and what plants are planted (GMO / non GMO, heirloom etc - there are thousands of kinds of apples for instance).
      • There is a lot developing to assist traditional farmers track manage their fields, from plant health to water consumption, in ground sensors to remote drones with multi-spectral imaging.
      • There is some really sketchy data privacy issues playing out (many brands including a green one collect soil compaction, planting times and rates, fertilizing rates, harvest rates and geo-locations all phoned home to a central location - this data could be sold to the crop futures market and cause a mess)
      • There is a lot of information around selective breeding, grafting, plant propagation that could be shared.
      I will put a few links in the articles section to see if there is any interest in any of these other topics. I am currently working on a side project to start an urban farm on a small scale so would be interested in any conversations around the above (land size won't support the cost of a large tractor).
      It's really funny one of the companies quoted in one of the data privacy articles, as I think their entire model is selling data to the futures markets. At least last time I talked to them, that was 100% their product plan.


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        great posts. thank you for the links


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          Really excited to see this finally getting some attention. If anyone wants to set up a discord or something else to start collaborating on some research feel free to ping me. We may also want to consider looking into other heavy equipment used for tasks like mining, construction, etc....