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How do we improve election security without federal regulations?

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  • How do we improve election security without federal regulations?

    Lots of Republicans are opposing HR1 on the grounds that the constitution empowers states to determine how they conduct their own elections, which is a fair point.

    Now having said that, many Republicans have taken issue with several of the methods some states (swing states in particular) have employed to conduct their elections over security concerns— even after those states’ supreme courts rule that those methods are legal and in accordance with state law.

    It’s my understanding that regulation is antithetical to the traditional conservative worldview.

    So: what’s the Republican plan for improving election security, since federal regulations about how elections are conducted are unconstitutional?

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    They already are federal involvements in voting security. The US The Election Assistance Commission EAC.GOV already has a voluntary standard that most of the states use.

    https://www.eac.gov/sites/default/fi...%20Program.pdf). So things can be improved by cooperation (where it exists). In the long run it might be worth a constitutional amendment to standardize voting (a very unpopular concept), as there are also good arguments for maintaining diversity.

    The arguments between the states on how the others manage their elections is an interesting concept in that they really have no rights to do that, no more than the feds do.

    Remember, a lot of the arguments are theater, not law. And that may be the biggest problem.


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      Follow guidelines, inspect voting machines, and monitor everything. That's how we can improve election security


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        Great to have this debate!

        I think the key is to have the feds set a floor on minimum standards for election equipment and processes, including independently auditable software and hardware, user-verifiable paper ballots, and risk-limiting audits. It's been a while since I scanned HR1... forget what's in there. But then let the states implement that however they want. Heterogeneity in the systems can definitely be viewed as a security bonus.


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          Yo opino que la seguridad informática en el voto es lo primordial o.o ?