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Salty Sensor

Oceans cover 75% of the blue marble we call home. Monitoring environmental conditions in the ocean's ecosystems is vital but difficult task. Until now, deploying sensors was an expensive proposition, limiting research to projects run by universities and a handful of well funded NGO's. We challenge hackers and makers to use your skills and creativity to help design new, cheaper, open-source hardware and software floating or diving sensor buoys to democratize marine environmental research. We will kick-off with tech talks by experienced sensor builders and oceanographers. Teams with winning designs will have the opportunity to visit the OceanBuilders Blue Frontier incubator off the coast of Panama and see their design deployed to monitor the coastal ecosystem.

This contest presents a technically demanding challenge for creating new open-source hardware and software design concepts and draws on a broad variety of skills from across the hacker community, and supports a worthy cause. A new career and lifestyle on the "blue frontier", where a hacker approach to solving problems is a must, may be the life adventure some DEF CON attendees didn't know they were looking for.