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Blockchain Village at DEF CON 29

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  • Blockchain Village at DEF CON 29

    Blockchain Village is a 'Not for Profit' event organized as a part of Information Security conferences like DEF CON. Primary focus of Blockchain village is to promote, research, development & knowledge sharing around security of blockchain technology and applications of blockchain in the field of information security.

    The village organizes hands-on workshops, contests, discussions and talks by & for the community members. The event, its members and supporters form across the world love to share the best research & latest content with our awesome community.

    This year at Blockchain Village we bring back Capture-The-Coin contest running in parallel with more hands on workshops (Mathematical and Practical) along with cutting edge Talks-n-Tools, noteworthy Demos-n-Discussions, all focused on security of Blockchains and Distributed Applications.

    Join us at DEF CON 29 as we celebrate the power + potential of Distributed applications, enabled by Blockchain technology.
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