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  • Password Village at DEF CON 29

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    Have you ever been curious about password cracking, but were too embarrassed to admit you don't know anything about it? Have you seen the news about major password data breaches, but failed to see what all the fuss is about? Have you always wanted to implement password auditing at your organization, but you didn't know where to begin? Or do you feel like password cracking could not ever possibly relate to your job function? Does the prospect of discovering a unique intersection between human psychology, mathematics, information security, and high-performance computing arouse you? If you answered 'yes' to any of these questions, or if you just really fucking love password cracking, then the first-ever Password Village at DEF CON is right for you!

    The Password Village provides training, discussion, and hands-on access to hardware and techniques utilized in modern password cracking, with an emphasis on how password cracking relates to your job function and the real world . No laptop? No problem! Feel free to use one of our terminals to access a pre-configured GPU environment to run password attacks against simulated real-world passwords. Village staff and expert volunteers will be standing by to assist you with on-the-spot training and introductions to Hashcat, as well as other FOSS cracking applications.

    Already a password cracking aficionado? Feel free to give a lightning talk, show off your skills, help a n00b learn the basics, or engage in riveting conversation with other password crackers.
    Regardless of whether you're just a little hash-curious, a veteran cracker still relying on rainbow tables, a novice desiring to learn more, or an expert eager to share, we guarantee there will be something for everyone at the Password Village!
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