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    I want to thank everyone who has posted so far. I'd like to talk about how we can get more people involved. Ideas?
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    Is this to focus on farm automation?


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      More along the lines of right to repair and security. The security of farm automation where everything that happens is hidden from the customer, etc.
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        We are happy to provide some space and time for any farm related device discussion in the HHV (hardware hacking village). There are portions of this topic that could fit under a number of other villages. Is there enough interest to form a core to run a village?

        I think that the discussion so far really shows how diverse and how challenging the situation is. With the recent East Coast pipeline situation, I think it is more obvious that random ransomware attacks can have huge effects, and people are starting to look beyond just a small subset of infrastructure. Affecting farms wouldn't create an immediate situation, but all it would take is a significant delay in say watering, or planting, and you can devastate a crop season, leading to massive interruption that echos through the supply chain. This previously wasn't as big of a concern as there were lots of smaller farms with their own set up, but that is quickly becoming a thing of the past and more farms are large mega-corp places run centrally and on more uniform infrastructure. We aren't to a place yet where if you miss your window, that there is anything other to do than wait a year and hope reserves are enough.

        Getting this space on the forum has been a great start! Thanks DT for that. I will keep thinking about how to get more people interested and informed on the current state of affairs.
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          Our webpage gets 300 views per week. I’d be happy to link this forum. Also, I’m involved with my university but a barrier is legal gray areas. Car hacking research has become mainstream in university. If there was clear information about what activities are legal that might help us tap into university research.