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2021 Defcon Tor Badge

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    Saw one of these today on someone, really sharp! I’m planning on hitting Hacker Warehouse tomorrow for sure


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      Originally posted by seeess View Post
      I received the working boards so it looks like this is happening, here are the details:

      What it does - It acts as a mini lie detector. The badge has two primary sensors, a GSR sensor and a heart rate sensor. These are two of the sensors used in a polygraph machine. The output of these sensors with some statistics is graphed to each of the two 1.3" OLED screens.
      Use it to interrogate your friends, or to practice how to get through your next fed-job interview

      Hardware - It is run off a cortex M0+ arduino based xiao, that you can connect to via USB-C. The stock firmware also outputs the raw data over serial USB to allow further analysis of the data on a computer. There is one 1.69bis SAO header, finger cuffs used for the GSR sensor, and is run off two AA batts with a boost vreg to 3.3v.
      There are 0.1" headers for every pin on the xiao. There is also 3.3v/gnd and other 0.1" holes available for prototyping.

      Where to buy - Because Tor does not have a vendor booth this year, I've teamed up with hacker warehouse who has agreed to help sell them at their vendor booth.
      Their booth will be in the vendor area of the conference, which I believe is open Thursday - Sunday (check the defcon schedule for details). Hacker warehouse will have to charge tax as they are not a non-profit.

      Price - $120 including tax which includes the badge, custom lanyard, finger cuff cable, two sets of batts, stickers, and probably some googly eyes

      All profits from the sale of this badge go directly to the Tor project, just like 2 years ago. I am not funded by anyone, I front all costs of development myself. I do not charge for my time or effort, I only hope to recoup any material costs.
      If you choose to purchase a badge, thanks for supporting Tor.

      Source code and instructions on how to reflash the badge (via an arduino IDE) will be available prior to defcon on github. Source is licensed under the permissive WTFPL

      There will be at least one challenge (that @gigstaggart dreamed up) with a prize going to the winner

      I will post a video of the badge in action and all the features it has, if I ever get out of soldering-hell over here. I expect to have that available a few days before defcon starts so everyone can determine if it is worth it to them.

      Here's a higher-res picture with the current state of the interface (there are some other modes besides this primary lie detector mode).

      Click image for larger version

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      Wow, it's an amazing thing. I'm totally noob in this community, but I appreciate it.