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What does "The Signal" mean to you?

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  • What does "The Signal" mean to you?

    For me, somewhere between the Force from Star Wars and what Trinity describes to Neo as "the question that drives us"...

    I think of "The Signal" as something like a specific frequency we can tap into that lets us network with the ether or god/gods or whatever it is we believe or don't believe in that holds all knowledge (data) in the universe.
    Those moments when we are in the zone, when creativity happens and consciousness just flows, those are the very moments we are most connected to "The Signal". But just like in meditation or "The Game" (you just lost it), you can't think about it, or force it. It isn't yours to control.

    During the pandemic, and inspired by my experiences from DC28, I remember jumping in the rabbit hole looking for "The Signal". I kept a journal and asked close friends to drag me out of the house for a bit if I didn't check in to play video-games at 4:20PM every day. Can't say I found anything to substantiate my theories, but I am absolutely convinced that the journey itself was what "The Signal" was directing me to. As I wrote in the journal:

    "I was doing things yesterday I could not do months ago. This is called progress and it is something a lot of us don't know how to recognize so we forgive to give it value."

    Good times! 😎

    What does "The Signal" mean to you?

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    Very interesting!


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      I thought so too. I tend to fixate on synchronicity when I see it, and ever since I decided to build up the courage and participate in DEFCON 28, my life has been filled with sign after sign that I am doing the right things towards exploring this new found universe with deep rooted passion I wasn't tapping into.
      I literally discovered DEFCON when the theme was DISCOVERY, and I have been propagating "The Signal" since then only to find out the theme for 29 was "Can't Stop the Signal".
      This is a rabbit hole I can't get enough of!